What does the eBay trends picture look like? What’s trending on eBay?

There are many ways to answer this question. eBay’s completed items search, listing analytics, and other similar tools can help, and there are a lot of articles out there on eBay trend-hunting as well.

Sometimes, though, you just want to cut through the noise and find out what’s happening on eBayright now and really fast, without a lot of headaches. If this sounds like you, here are five quick-hit methods for identifying eBay trends without spending lots of time on the task, all using Terapeak for eBay

  • Use the Category Research tab. After you log into Terapeak for eBay, click on the tab labeled “Category Research.” You’ll see a huge page of eBay categories with a drop-down list at the top. In the list, you can choose to rate categories based on:Total sales: How much is being sold overallTotal listings: How many listings there areTotal sold listings: How many listings have soldTotal bids: How many bids/buys have occurred

    Sell-Through %: The percentage of available goods sold

    Bids per Listing: How many bids any one listing gets

    Average Price: How much the average sale is worth

    When you select an option, Terapeak gives you a color-coded list of ratings by category. The colors tell you how a category is performing right now according to the rating method you selected. Red and blue categories are top eBay performers; green and yellow categories are above average; purple, orange, and grey categories the weakest performers.

    Click on any category to “drill down” and see its subcategories, also rated in the same way. By browsing through categories this way, you can identify even very narrow categories that are driving eBay sales, as well as categories that will be harder to break into.

  • View the best selling titles in a narrow category. Once you’ve “drilled” all the way down to a bottom-level (very narrow) eBay category, Terapeak for eBay will show you data for that category rather than the color-coded category list. Once you arrive at this level, click on the best selling titles view to see the top selling items in the category by title.Beyond identifying which categories are generally outperforming the pack, this also tells you which products and listing strategies have high buyer interest and are most responsible for the category’s strong performance.
  • Use the Hot Research tab. The “Hot Research” tab, right next to “Category Research,” gives you a deeper snapshot of what’s trending on eBay right now. There are five “views” in the tab, each one giving you a different “hotlist” to work with:The hot categories view (A) ranks categories according to how much more quickly demand (bidding) is growing than is supply.The hot media view (B) tells you what media items are hot or trending on eBay right now.The popular keyword searches view (C) view shows you the most frequently searched-for keywords on eBay right now.

    The best selling products view (D) gives you the top performing products on eBay right now.

    The best selling titles view (E) gives you the titles that are generating the most selling activity on eBay right now.

  • Check your top competitors’ top items. Sellers that sell some of the same things you do are targeting some of the same customers and probably have access to the same kinds of inventory. But do you know what sellers like you are selling the most right now? You can find out.Click on the “Product Research” tab, then search for one of your products or selling areas (A).When the results come back, select the top sellers view (B).When you see the list of top sellers for the item you’ve searched for, hover over any of their names and select “Research this seller’s top titles.”

    These steps will show you what’s selling best right now for other sellers in your product space. As you look at the results, you can adjust the date range selector at the top of the page to see what’s sold best for them over anywhere from the most recent week to the most recent 90 days, giving you a quick snapshot of some hot goods that sellers similar to yourself have already identified and done well with.

  • Use the Title Builder tab. To see trending items that are related to your existing inventory or product line, click on the “Title Builder” tab and search for the products you already sell. You’ll get a list of the most common keywords currently associated with your products. Use these keywords as a prompt to help you decide what to sell next or how to expand your inventory, product line, or selection, since these keywords are an indirect indication of what eBay buyers want from people that sell what you sell.Even better, look for big gaps here—keywords that don’t make the list that seem like strong associations or features to you, since these may represent new opportunities or niches to one-up other sellers and offer buyers products they want but haven’t seen before.

Finding trends on eBay is one of those tasks that tends to keep relatively new sellers up at night, but veteran sellers know that in fact it’s not all that difficult to do. All that it takes to identify trends on eBay is a little data, a few minutes of your time, and a research tool like Terapeak for eBay.

Start a trial Terapeak subscription or create a free MySales account to see how our world-class seller tools can help you to start and grow your business.

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