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How to sell Obsolete media like VHS, records, CDs, DVDs, Cassette tapes on Ebay or Amazon. You would probably be surprised just how much money there is to be made on this older stuff. A lot of people want the newest and the best technology but sometimes information is only available on the older stuff like even cassette tapes. Believe it! People will pay good money for this stuff BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. Don’t just go crazy and buy tons of stuff and expect to get rich!

I am a full time picker like the guys on American pickers, except I buy vintage, antique, rare, unusual as well as modern, brand new retail, and anything I can buy and sell to make money on. I also like to scrap metal too! Watch my videos to learn to make A lot of money for free by buying and selling on Ebay, Amazon, Auctions, Craigslist, flea markets, and Etsy. I show you how I buy and sell full time. Be like American Pickers and Pawn Stars!





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