How To Start an eBay Business Series – Part 1

Part 1 of our How To Start an eBay Business will begin with the concept of duplication. If I told you that you could start a business selling stuff on eBay and be guaranteed success you would probably respond with, “Yeah right! I have heard that before!”

Well, right now, I want to tell you that you are guaranteed to be successful in starting an eBay business if you follow the simple strategy of duplication. The catch is that you have to do the work! We teach this simple secret strategy at all of our eBay seminars and people are always shocked at how simple this is. Let me explain…

Duplication is by definition the act of making an exact copy of something else. And this secret strategy of duplication works in any business and in any industry; however, eBay makes it far easier than anything else, which is why I always steer beginning entrepreneurs to eBay!

I’ll start by asking you a rhetorical question, if I could show you exactly what and how the top income earners on eBay were doing to make all of their money do you think you could start an eBay business and make some money? The answer is yes without question! Most people do not realize that eBay reveals everything you do to anyone who wants to find out. Since eBay reveals exactly what sellers are doing, you have the ability to duplicate exactly what they are doing. And if you duplicate exactly what successful people are doing then you are guaranteed success. You do not have to take all of their business, you are just looking for a piece of the action. Before I show you how to find this information out, you must know what to look for.

When I first began selling on eBay I struggled, big time. I worked endless hours and made very little, but I knew there were people making a ton of money with their eBay business and only working a few hours a week. So I started watching exactly what other successful eBay sellers were doing. I watched what they sold, how they sold it, when they sold it, how much they sold it for, and what their listing description and pictures looked like.

Most products will sell on eBay, but some products sell a lot more than others. Here is when most people say “what’s the catch?” My response is simple, you must research, research, research! You have to seek out top sellers on eBay, those that have the most feedback points and watch closely what they are doing. Find out what type of products they are selling, look at their descriptions, look at the categories they are selling in, look when their listings start and end, look at how much they are selling it for, look at the quantity that they package the product in, look at the pictures they use, etc. All of these things are techniques that are hitting customers interests, which turn into sales. If you do exactly what these top income earners are doing you are guaranteed success, it’s that simple.

Now the best question, how do you find this information out? You could get some of the information just by finding a seller and looking at their listings, but what you do not get is if the products are actually selling, which categories they sold in, and if it was an auction how much did it sell for. Most eBayers do not know about what’s called the “Completed Listings” option when viewing search results. Whenever you do a search on eBay you have options along the left side of the screen and one of them is called “Completed Listings”. When you check that option the search results become a list of listings that have already ended. From that screen you can see which listings sold and didn’t sell, how many sold, which categories they were in, and of course what price they sold for.

Remember, starting an eBay business is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and determination! Start your research today and get selling.

Look for my next article coming soon that will continue on the path to helping those new entrepreneurs find success!

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