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So: you want to know the best items to sell on eBay before you go out and purchase a bunch of products to relist in your eBay store? Fair enough. No one wants to buy products to resell that no one will buy! Here is our step-by-step process for avoiding that happening to you.

Step 1: Generate a list of potentially good items to sell on eBay

What we like to do here at Wholesale Ted is brainstorm a big list of potential items that might be great for reselling on eBay, and then going through each individual item and making sure it meets our criteria for a great item to relist.

But brainstorming a big list of potential products to sell/list is pretty hard. So what we suggest you do is go to the Amazon Best Sellers list. Here, you’ll find the top 100 selling items in Amazon for each type of category (e.g. baby gear, outdoor furniture etc). Pick a category that interests you, and write down the items listed.

Now: if you plan to buy items in bulk wholesale rates and resell them individually, I suggest you write down the generic product rather than the brand. This is because it is hard (but not impossible!) usually to find branded products in bulk, wholesale rates.

But, if you plan to instead focus on thrifting or Craiglist for finding products, I recommend noting down the brand names and focusing on those.

Step 2: Use SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab to identify the best items to sell on eBay

Now that we’ve got our list, we want to go through each item and find the ones that have lots of buyer demand, but few suppliers. A high demand, low supply will ensure that it will be easy and profitable to sell.

The way I do that is I put each item into a free tool included with a SaleHoo subscription: the Market Research Lab. Look for items that meet the following criteria:

* Low seller competition
* At least a 33% success rating
* An average sale price of at least $10

If you find an item that doesn’t meet this criteria, cross it off your list. Keep going until you have a big list of items that do meet this criteria: these are the best items to sell on eBay. In my video I reveal one item as an example, tactical military backpacks. This had the following stats:

* Low seller competition
* A 44% success rating
* An average sale price of over $25

Option step 3: Look for suppliers using the SaleHoo directory

Want to locate cheap suppliers for the items you’ve generated on your list for steps 1-2? Then use SaleHoo’s directory list containing over 8,000+ wholesale suppliers, dropshippers and liquidators included as part of your subscription. Here is how you use it:

Click “wholesale directory” in the top menu.
In the search bar, type in the item you want to find suppliers for.

That is it! SaleHoo will now generate a list of suppliers that sell your item. Super easy.

If you enjoyed this tutorial on how to find the best items to sell on eBay, you’ll love our free ebook: How to Make $10,000 per Month with Dropshopping. Download it now by clicking this link: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step

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