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What Is Homemade Entrepreneur All About?

Here at the Homemade Entrepreneur Youtube Channel we strive to teach you everything about being an entrepreneur. Yes, we deal mostly with online business, but that doesn’t mean we have not tried brick and mortar in the past. I began as an all-around entrepreneur back in 2006, but quickly realized that I didn’t need to leave my home to earn a full-time income. It was then that Homemade Entrepreneur was officially born.

My ultimate goal is to change 1 million lives by teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to run their businesses. I operate over a dozen online businesses, which helps me live the life that I have always dreamed of. I don’t make millions of dollars per year, I make more than enough to live the life that I want, which is what I call success. Living life on your terms and doing everything that you want when you want to do it, that is what I call living the entrepreneurs dream.



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