Jeff asks “Can I really make $70,000 on eBay in two months?” The answer Jeff is yes but not like you think.

You will notice that a certain type of people that like to shout about how much money they are making on eBay with e certain affiliate product / course / system / whatever you want to call it always talk about “sales” and I’m convinced that 95% of people that listen to these guys just think that’s how much money they are making and don’t appreciate that sales figures can be massively different to profit and often are with this type of system because it uses other peoples products so high sales cost but potentially low comparative profit margin, then once you take off nearly 50% for income tax etc you are nowhere near the impressive figures shouted from the rooftops. In my mind these figures are simply used to deceive and it makes me a little angry that so many get away with vague at best and misleading headlines to sell more affiliate schemes. So buyer beware if you buy into a Dropshipping type affiliate scheme expecting to be earning $70,000 over two months. It’s not gong to happen, sorry about that.

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